Why Was There No Second Date?​

If you are constantly the person with no second date? then this article may offer some useful advice.

Finding a good match is incredibly hard. Even people who say they have found a great partner often questions themselves. We are human, so by nature, we question our choices. If we were a robot perhaps it would be easier.

Having a second date is a wonderful thing because we then resolve that the date went well enough and the person wants to see us again. A second date is often easier too!, as some of the fears are gone. We know, the person is comfortable with our looks, style, and conversations. So why sit back and allow yourself to waste time, money, effort on dating people who won’t offer a second date. Or perhaps the second date would have never been offered because of things you are doing wrong? Embed from Getty Images

Read Below for my tips on how to get a second date.


  1. Stop talking about yourself. PLEASE! stop telling everyone all your life troubles and life experiences on a first date. If you are truly interested in what someone is like then you will take time to ask. Make the date a happy and warm experience. This especially goes for you men. Don’t give one-word answers, but, don’t spill all the beans.
  2. Be SEXXXY– YASs! honey, there are three X’s in sexy today, because you can’t get to the interest of any man without sex appeal. I have to admit, this is very hard for younger women because sexuality is confused with sluttiness. Being-sexy only means being confident and bold. Men love women with sexual confidence.
  3. Be Smart– allow yourself time, don’t let things go wrong before they could go right. Don’t be late, sloppy, or careless. No one likes a person who can’t value someone else’s time and energy. Know in advance what you should dress like? is it somewhere casual, dressy? nothing is wrong with asking.
  4. Ask from the onset? Am I what you expected? especially on a blind date? And, be honest? honesty is key here. Don’t lie to someone and pull them along. No one wants to be taken for a ride. In other words, DONT BE A COWARD!
  5. Leave a little mystery– people love to feel like there is more than meets the eye. Drop hints about things you’d like to do and talk about. See their response. if it is met with great enthusiasm then game on! being alluring just means, dropping hints of future good things to come.
  6. Learn from what it took to get the date- If getting a date is difficult, then getting a second date might be just as difficult. Most men and women today are extremely busy, so, meeting for a date of your liking may just not work. learn to be flexible, when they offer excuses- make it easier by finding solutions. for example, I can’t go to dinner, offer lunch or a coffee house for 20 mins. Just don’t wimp out and accept I CAN’T.
  7. What Do You NEED?– Not everyone will hit it off with you and some may even be using you! but, you will need to be able to know the difference. When in doubt, assume they are all using you. Because, Life is usually met with people looking for something, if you weren’ looking for something, you wouldn’t be dating, to begin with.  Finding out the persons needs may be able to give you the comfortable amount of space to take charge an decide right away if this person is for YOU!

A second date doesn’t mean a second shot! It means that you are pretty darn awesome! someone found you interesting enough to want to spend more time with you. So, be YOU! be interesting, let the real you show, because if you don’t and try to fake it, you may end up with the wrong person. And, remember to reach out to people who are experts, not dating sites, but, real people with real input and knowledge. LOVE is essential to life, without it, we are alone, and being alone sucks! Best of Luck!



My site and my business of helping others connect with someone come from over 18 years of research, practice and simple common sense. Every week, I will continue to post more content that will help you narrow it down. And, I will take you on a path that will allow you to claim what you want when it comes to finding a great partner. This blog is not only for lovers but, people looking to find meaningful relationships and to understand people better. Kate studied Communications and Public Relations at CalState Dominguez College and lives in Phoenix with her husband and their beautiful son and daughters.

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