What To Do With Our Stuff After a Divorce

So You Just Got Divorced and Want to Know If Getting Rid of Things You Acquired During The Marriage is Necessary?

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On average, according to CliffsNotes.com about 50% of marriages end in divorce although, I’m certain that number can vary. It has also been updated with the US Census that divorce rates are falling. This is great news because fewer people will have to split assets.

A good divorce attorney will ensure that their clients leave with some items from the household and ensure you split assets and items you purchased together in the marriage. Have you ever asked yourself why, why those items mean so much to me?. Why am I fighting for a washer and dryer, a bed, and other trivial things?.

Here is why you should let it go! There are those that would argue that acquiring new things may be costly and timely. So, here is my argument for why letting go of the items you purchased together is important and a part of the healing process. I get it! There are ways to honor your history and yet still find a way to unburden yourself from your past and move forward without holding on to every little memorabilia.

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  • Things you purchased together in the marriage may now feel tainted. For example; every time you look at the couch you once loved, you may remember the memories once shared with your partner on that couch. Marital gift items may make you remember your ex.
  • It is good to let go of the past. Letting go of things does not mean letting go of the memories you shared. Whenever you look at the items from your past, they will conjure up memories. Things hold you back from moving forward. You look at them day after day wondering what went wrong.
  • It is sure to be a problem in any new Relationship you embark on. Bringing items from your past marriage into a new marriage may lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction among one or both parties. Women especially would not like this; They may wonder what your strange attachment is to certain objects or things. Find a way to unburden yourself of the past.
  • A great idea is to have a huge sale together and split the profits of your sale.
  • This is just my opinion, Never keep the ex-marital bed. In fact, I would advise this be the first thing to let go of.
  • Your house as this is a major asset but, remember this is something that may haunt you every time you step inside. I would advise you to move on completely. But, in today’s housing market many choose to live on in their post-marital home. A great way to hold onto the house is to make some renovations. Maybe put in that cocktail bar you always wanted.
  • If you do want to hold onto a nice piece of furniture. Consider, Re-finishing it. Tiny renovations can make easing back into your life after divorce more tolerable.
  • Remember things are replaceable you don’t have to be stingy or believe that you cannot ever acquire these things on your own. You are stronger than you think. You got through a divorce and that was the hardest part.

So without making continuing to make you feel uneasy about the perils of letting go. I will leave you with this one piece of advice. It is healthy to have pictures, notes, and cards that may remind you of some of the moments in your past. But, Material things like furniture, clothing, and jewelry are replaceable. Life after a divorce is a struggle. Make the healing process easy on yourself. Love was not lost-just by getting rid of material things. You got to experience something many never get to.


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