What Gemini’s are Really Like

Gemini’s are Easy to talk to. They are secretly very reserved even though they can carry a conversation. Gemini’s will tune you out once they get bored. Engaging a Gemini requires effort. Better have some interesting topics to talk about. And let them do the talking. They love to hear themselves talk.

Criticism is wasted on them; as they are their own worst critic. These people make great spokesmen as they love voicing their opinion on important issues. They are very persuasive. They will make sure they get their point across. If there is a secret to their success; it’s that they don’t share with great precision what they did to achieve it. 

They will reluctantly share important details about their success.
The reason they hold back information? Competition is serious to Gemini’s. If they tell you everything then you may be able to catch up to them. 
You cannot easily impress a Gemini . They feel they know most things already. They have very deep respect for people who do work hard and overcome challenges. Expect them to have a plethora of different types of friends from all walks of life. 

They don’t mind the ability to help those in need. And on some level, they see themselves as wise and useful to others. And really do demand Respect above anything else. Seeing lazy, undetermined people gives them a headache. They simply can’t understand people who are always down in the muck. 

Gemini puts the P in party. They know how to get excessive. Making sure you are fed and often gives the best gifts. They know how to have a good time. And have a keen sense of what others want. If something is awful, they will make sure you know it. Which is weird because they will go to great lengths to avoid uncomfortable confrontations. Especially when it comes to choices they have made. 

Confronting you about your mistakes is far easier than finding fault in themselves. Talk about touchy. They don’t like people telling them how they should live. How to spend or behave. They need the freedom to exercise both sides of themselves. The enriching elegant side, and the fun, party side. 

Geminis have some dirty little secrets; and it usually goes down with them. They will open up to people who make them feel completely safe. 
They love stable and confident people. A sharp minded person can definitely stand toe to toe with Gemini’s. The person they hang out with need to be quick to respond because Gemini’s can be impatient. Slow and clumsy people put them off. 

They seem to always find their way out of dark spaces. A Gemini’s biggest fear is not having money. They will cling to a bad relationship as long as money is to be made or no money will be lost. Children are important but their significant other comes first. This sign would rather lavish their kids with abundance and wealth than actually pay attention to them. This doesn’t mean they don’t love their children; they just show it with their wallets instead of time spent. 

They come across as a bit self-important. There is a righteous purpose within every Gemini, they usually do find a higher purpose. They rarely find 100 percent satisfaction with any one thing. Geminis are very aware of their ability to gain people’s confidence. They have a tendency to irritate quickly, forgetting that some along the way helped them. 

They have a great ability to laugh at themselves and are rarely damaged by what people say. They can tolerate quite a bit of criticism and usually their best revenge is gaining some measure of success. Most Gemini’s have expensive taste and are boastful but won’t impart what they had to go through to get there. They seek more than the finer things, they seek it for you as well. They have no problem roughing it, hanging with people less advantaged. They never like bullies and root for the underdogs. 

This sign likes the ability to give and will work hard to support the people they love. Gemini’s can adapt to situations and seize opportunities. They can usually be found starting all kinds of cool projects and not completely giving them 100 percent of their time. They are undoubtedly smart but have too many ideas to follow through with them all. We are very fortunate to have a Gemini in our lives because of all the cool confidence and determination.


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