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The elusive and wonderful Pisces. Pisces is quite possibly one of the worst signs of the zodiac. Ok-maybe a little harsh right out the bat, but Pisces are typically hard to get along with. This is amazing because they truly love to get into groups and have fun. Pisces can be very distant, cold and simply uncaring.  

Pisces love making claims that others are emotional wrecks—when in fact it is them. I wish this sign could take a long hard look at themselves, but that would never happen because most Pisces have no issue with self-esteem. They trot around thinking they are King Midas.  

Pisces people are the well-known sociopaths of the zodiac. They can seem unconcerned about people’s emotions; Keep your emotions in a box with these ones. Every shred of emotion you show they will pick apart. With them, most of your thoughts are baseless and useless. 

The Pisces love to lead and hate playing follower. They love to ascend to the top but in a very shifty way. Don’t expect to know much about what they do or how they survive because of their secretive nature. The Pisces is not flamboyant or showy. They do however love nice things And are not ashamed to acquire the best of the best–for themselves of course !

” Were Having Fun Right?….” that’s what they say, but so long as it’s on their terms. This Zodiac sign tend to only enjoy doing what they like and find doing things that others like a chore. They are the type to ditch you if you can’t keep up. They also don’t want to be criticzed by antyone, they are th masters of whatever it is they do.

The Pisces is a person that could have horrible things that have happened-and shake it off. They won’t talk extensively about their past and feel invaded when you bug them too much to open up. They will say things like… “you already know this, why keep bugging me” . However, they are quick to share the highlight reel of their best memories in Life. They always want to play up their strenghts and never show weakness. They are the type to silently march on even when ill and refuse to accept a negative diagnosis.

A Pisces spider senses are sharp and they can spot a fake pretty well. Some harsh critics they are. But here are a few harsh words to sum them up; callous, spiteful, unforgiving and defensive. To balance those harsh words, Here are some kind words to sum them up; Playful, fun, simplistic, humanist and spontaneous. 

The Pisces enjoy unique experiences, they thrive on learning new things. They often mediate and tend to navigate away from traditional religious viewpoints. They may grasp new age philosophies a bit better. They seek a higher awarness of themselves and reflect that with austerity.

They are the type that even in old age you will find them learning and still with the same zest for life they had as a youth. They are not quitters, with a competitive attitude —they will push themselves to be excellent, even if they are the only ones watching. They don’t mind taking some risk but not at their own expense. They also dream big and sometimes fall short because they are simply not likable. They let their harshness push people away and they can usually buy friends so no worries to them. 

Pisces are pessimistic about others, This is the sign that will read into small acts of kindness and find a way to make it something bad. They tend to read into everything with heavy speculation. The Pisces mood is determined by outside extremities. If they find themselves around people they like they tend to act friendly and outgoing.  If you get that Pisces around people they dislike you will see that they become a hermit crab. 

Stay away from Pisces if you are a Air or Fire Sign; you are way too light-hearted for them. They like the deep dark heavy people with lots of criticism and guilt. It helps remind them that their intuitions are right. People are to be used and spit out and not trusted. 

Pisces are able to be by themselves very well and can’t stand needy people. They view people who are lazy and unambitious as a dead weight to society. Stay away if you wont be a doormat for them. They tend to be Alpha in most of their relationships. You may fare well if you are a Water or Earth sign think Pisces, Cancer, Some Scorpios, Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo.  Enjoy 😊!


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