YourBetterMatch Testimonials



” After only 3 sessions with Kate, I am finding success in my dating life! I’m happily engaged and I’m so grateful! Thanks a bunch! ~Tara, California ” 


“Kate was so full of knowledge about dating at first I had doubts but after doing the work she asked I was able to attract everything I wanted. ~Travis, Phoenix”

“I have to give yourbettermatch 2 thumbs up for helping me with sales, I struggled and after thinking I could solve my problem alone with youtube tutorials, and paying for seminars– I finally sat down with her and figured out all I needed was knowledge specifically about ME! We did some quizzes and coaching and now I’m on top of my sales.  I am sure my sales couldn’t have gotten better without her help! Thanks!”  ~Debra, Ca.



My site and my business of helping others connect with someone come from over 18 years of research, practice and simple common sense. Every week, I will continue to post more content that will help you narrow it down. And, I will take you on a path that will allow you to claim what you want when it comes to finding a great partner. This blog is not only for lovers but, people looking to find meaningful relationships and to understand people better. Kate studied Communications and Public Relations at CalState Dominguez College and lives in Phoenix with her husband and their beautiful son and daughters.

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