Taurus traits that you’ve probably overlooked

Taurus Traits Many Find Scary   Here are some interesting Taurus Traits That May Scare You!


Taurus may be one of the most motherly signs of the Zodiac. We also know the Taurus as a bull with strength and the ability to get their way eventually. Their Stubbornness is a trait well-defined, but what are some that may scare you?

Taurus can give an air of confidence that is unmatched, they also have some traits that not many can handle. Read below for a few traits that really depict Taurus as the Bull they are.


  1. Taurus like to talk about their achievements and accolades. Taurus invented the highlight-reel before Social Media Platforms did. You will rarely learn of any sinister details about them because they tend to be very secretive about their misconducts.


  2. They can seem insensitive and bold. Don’t expect sappy people with this sign. They show little affection and are serious; that is unless you happen to be a child or pet.
  3. This sign tends to mistrust people often because they don’t trust themselves. Most of the time they seek a challenging relationship instead of dating what is good for them.
  4. The Taurean person hates being told what to do and has a hard time listening to advise. The Taurean person will willingly play devil’s advocate; this Bull trait makes them very combative.
  5. Be cautious because even your tone can irritate the Taurus. Somehow, the little things you don’t say get under their skin as well.
  6. This Taurus bull is known to get fixated and can get intense and can retaliate in the most imaginative ways.
  7. Taurus’ are masters of grudges, often finding it hard for them to forgive.
  8. Taurus tend to be delusional at times expecting more than deserved. Taurus comes across as unappreciative and spoiled.
  9. Taurus’ will make friends and build mutually beneficial relationships. Thinks of a person who may be a social climber



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