Real Information About Water Sign-Cancer

Cancer’s Image is portrayed as a crab. This is a good description for this water sign.

crab on beach

” Check out my claws! I’m not afraid to use em!

When you think of a crab, if you are like me, you may first think yum! where’s the butter? You may probably think they walk and swim unusually and love spotting them on the beach.

Here is the truth about these water creatures that occasionally come up to land for a day trip. Anyone who has met or even fallen in love with a cancer sign will tell you that they can usually be found at home. Not only are they homebodies, but, they relish in the ability to create a comfy and warm environment for the people they care about.

photo of couple smiling while looking at laptop

Food and nice clothing is important to them, They want a clean cut person. They also don’t care about all the excess. If you are think about landing this crab, then you need to be a natural beauty. As they can be a bit superficial. The hard shell makes them reluctant to completely trust you. They are tough on the exterior but a big softy on the inside. However, Be cautious those claws can really tear you apart when angry.

Just as water is fluid in nature, they too are willing to go along with things even if plans change. They can be adaptable to almost every situation, however then tend to bore easily. They provide feedback on what they see, not looking for any deeper meaning. So, If they see someone that portrays themselves in a certain way they will call you out. They are very quick to call things off if it isn’t going right. Or if they feel rushed.

They are mysterious and will create an attitude of austere. Cancer signs know they have many more cards to play and haven’t shown you all. As they are portrayed by the crab they come up to the surface only at given times and if you miss your opportunity well then that is your loss. You’ll have to wait until they are ready to entertain again. Crabs know when to run and hide, however, they love the ability to engage in a relationship that can be a bit challenging. They don’t mind the hints of danger but, know exactly how to leave when the kitchen gets too hot.

What I enjoy most about cancers is their ability to see potential in people. They are the pusher in relationships. They may even have a strong desire to change you. They don’t mind criticizing how you dress and act and may put you down right to your face. However, it’s only because their passion to fix things runs deep like the water.

I dislike when people portray Cancers as moody, I think they are getting it confused. They have two moods, happy and content, or angry and discontent. Then all the emotions that fall into these two categories can be seen, because cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. You can tell when they are in a good or bad mood.

Stay tuned to my blog, I will reveal the sign that actually should take that crown as moody. Enjoy your cancer friends, they are loyal to those they truly love.


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