Re-Charging To Create Mindfulness

Read below to learn how Re-Charging to Create Mindfulness Works.

When it comes to space we all know that there is plenty of it around us, even space we can’t explain like dark matter. Scientifically everything possesses energy so it can be overwhelming to some when they find themselves surrounded by people all the time. This energy output all the time drains us as humans. Everything in life holds energy. Therefore, how we use our energy and what we use it on matters. Whether it is at work or at home. We all need time for ourselves, to create mindfulness. This is why meditation is important. We can all benefit from taking 5 minutes to practice mindfulness starting today.

Here are a few ideas on how to get started today. 

1. Create a corner or area that is not cluttered. A space that is clean will help you clear your mind. You don’t need to re-create anything you see on Pinterest to begin. There is no need for fancy candles, an ottoman, nothing. If you want your space to be decked out that is fine but, note, that this can be practiced without anything fancy. Choose a space in your home or office you find relaxing.

2. Engage your senses, like play relaxing noises that appeal to you. You can choose rain, and nature sounds these are very soothing to the mind, body, and spirit. If you are practicing this is nature then the way to go! that makes it even better. If you are in nature the scents and smells of trees will do. If you are inside, sprinkle a drop or two of essential oil like lavender around to help engage your sense of smell. Whatever scent pleases you. Make sure your space doesn’t smell awful, this creates a terrible distraction.

3. Make sure you are comfy or sitting comfortably. Don’t choose a surface that is not relaxing to you. A hard surface is not comfortable, and neither is something that is too fluffy that it leaves you unbalanced.

4. Use this time to clear all the negative thoughts out of your head. Then fill your mind with good feelings and if possible try not to even think. Clearing the mind is like hitting a  reset button.

5. Don’t be afraid to breathe really loudly. I used to go to a yoga class where this old guy used to grunt and make really loud sounds! too bad I was young an immature and didn’t know the benefits to this. Sometimes we think the grunting noises are weird but think of it as emptying our body of bad feelings.

6. If clearing your mind is hard to do, a cool trick is to focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing is creating mindfulness to your breath.


There are a bunch of sites that pertain to meditation but please note there are many ways to do this. And no one way is 100% correct. Find out your meditation techniques by trial an error. If something, doesn’t work for you then don’t do it. I used to find laying on my back really uncomfortable and stupid especially in a room full of strangers. So, I simply don’t do it.  Once, you have found a rhythm that works, stick to that!

There are people who suck our energy the moment they come by. It is important that you don’t let others completely suck your energy. Especially if you are not recharging.  If we can’t re-charge ourselves then we are like that iPhone that is about to die and can’t find a charger around. Ya, really sends some people into a panic if their phones die. Treat your body the same way. IF you are constantly set on go you will eventually burn out. That’s why it feels so good to have downtime. Including getting some good nights sleep and eating foods that provide a good source of energy.

Although this information clearly is not new to most.  It can be looked at as more relevant today than our predecessors which had fewer distractions and less technology sucking our time and energy. When you feel better people around you will too!



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