Major Signs Your Partner is Cheating

What are some major Red Flags to spot a cheater?

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We all know someone who has been cheated on, or perhaps we have had someone cheat on us. So, why is it likely you saw the signs but didn’t heed them?

There are some clear-cut signs that are so obvious that they should be looked at. Keep in mind there are some real pros out there! People who you would have never guessed were cheating because they make it appear you are the center of their world. 

There are two types of cheaters. The first type of cheater is the one that just loves the thrill of cheating. Then there are the cheaters that lost faith in their partner so they are looking for a plan B. And they consider their cheating justifiable. Both are horrible. No Kind of cheating is acceptable. 

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  1. People who cheat will often step up their hygiene game.  They may do a better job putting that outfit together. It’s because they are dating again, try to remember when you were dating and how long it took you to get ready. A man spraying on cologne just to head to a grocery store can be a red flag.
  2. Cheaters go out of their way for their hookups. They will lie, manipulate and make you feel bad for asking about their whereabouts.

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    Some cheaters that travel for work find this the perfect way to cheat. Sometimes they will even hook up with the person they are cheating with at hotels and lead double lives. They truly love the level of anonymity that comes with being somewhere far from where you live. They can cheat freely out in the open
  4. Cheating people will sometimes project on you, what they themselves are guilty of. If they are talking to someone else, they may accuse you of this. They will want to pry through YOUR phone. 
  5. The serial cheater is so used to making excuses that they may forget some of the excuses they make. They also seem inauthentic when they apologize to you. You will get a strong sense they are lying because their stories get sloppy and most of the time have holes and gaps. 
  6. They are weirdly occupied with YOUR schedule and want to know your timeline and plans far ahead of time. 
  7. The cheater will go through extreme measures to protect their devices. They will make sure they don’t have certain apps on their devices, protect them with a password or take it with them on their body everywhere they go. 
  8. They may even delete entire apps, and use disappearing messages, apps no one knows in an effort to avoid any slip-ups.


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Cheaters don’t stop cheating. Once a cheater always a cheater they say. While there is some truth to it, I think it boils down to options. People that have many options are far more likely to cheat. Hopefully, you do not find yourself in one of these relationships. They really harm us for other people. Making us distrustful and sometimes it takes years to get over the hurt caused by cheating. 



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