Do You Feel Like Your Life on Auto-Pilot and How to Gain Some Control?

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The first thought that comes to mind when flying auto-pilot is our day-to-day routines. Wake up, eat, work and play. I hope these activities would be on autopilot because they are a necessity to survive. These are not as detrimental to us in life as the thoughts and perceptions we hold. Many of us know by now that our thought process determines our outcomes in life. Our brain is operating on auto-pilot to some degree when we continue with the same beliefs and expectations about life.

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When it pertains to love and romance, it becomes immensely important to take a look at the psychological ramifications of our beliefs about love and relationships. In his book, “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles” Dr.Bruce Lipton discusses The subconscious mind running on auto-pilot. Dr. Lipton has determined through his research that humans are born into this world with zero programs and nature around us starts the programming/downloads.

This would explain why little ones are so curious about everything. We end up relying on our senses to interpret our likes and dislikes. So if we are observing and taking in the environment around us, this means that we are shaped by it. There is a blueprint ( model or structure) for most things in life. If you want to build a fine house, you find the best blueprints and build with the best materials and techniques. It’s no different when looking for love. Don’t seek people with messed-up relationships for advice on love.

Our conscious and subconscious minds operate in two different ways. Our conscious minds aspire to do that which we as developed adults seek. This conscious mind is our wants and needs. For Instance, you aspire to be different than your parents, or perhaps it is the reverse and you aspire to have what they had. I suspect many of us end up in very similar circumstances to our forefathers regardless of what we do in our conscious activities.

Most would agree with the notion that ladies seek men who are like their father/male role models. Likewise, men seek women like their mothers. We are the culmination of everything we have been trained or accustomed to think or believe. This is why if you raised your children to think of money as unattainable or they saw violence in the household you CAN NOT expect different beliefs. We also spend lots of hours as children in school and this is a wonderful breeding ground to get children trained for what we as a society deem desirable. You can’t expect creativity and innovativeness when children are characterized and put into a box.

Let’s get off autopilot–

So take a look at your life now, write down some areas of your life that you are struggling with. If you are failing in a certain aspect of your life it may be as simple as looking into what programs are playing in the background. You don’t need to try and recall your entire childhood, all you need to do is look at your life today as it currently is. What have you found easy to achieve? and what have you found hard? Things that feel effortless to you are concepts and beliefs that have been built into you from childhood.

Artificial Intelligence today has even been able to show us our routines. I’ve gotten in my car to go and it has prompted me with directions to pick my children up from school because it has recognized my routine. This is no different when it comes to your brain. If you do something consistently eventually the brain recognizes this as a program and it automatically knows this is what you want to do. So, get into a new routine. And make sure to do it consistently.

Another great way to hop off the autopilot is through your inner dialogue. One way I have done this is through mindfulness and being intentional. Being particularly in tune with my thought process and if it is indeed my own or what others instilled in me. Remember, we can aspire to be successful in many areas of life if we can re-train our brains to get off autopilot and start thinking differently.

Dr. Lipton talks about energy psychology or super learning visit his website to find over 25 energy psychological modalities that you can use to gain control.

Disclaimer: This is a blog it is not intended to replace medical treatment. These are all opinions to help spread knowledge to you.


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