Do Romantic Comedies Lead to Unrealistic Relationship Expectations?

Romantic Comedies are usually predictable. People meet, act like they can resist one another, lie, twist the truth, play tons of games and ultimately fall in love. Sounds familiar? I don’t know if people actually mirror some of these bad behaviors in real life. But, I say the unrealistic approaches they take can lead to disaster. I love movies that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Who doesn’t? , especially the ones where the person is painfully in denial about their true feelings. They usually come to the conclusion of what they must do -or- who they are in love with at the end of the Movie. Most of us love rom-com for the unrealistic outcomes. Who doesn’t want a person professing their love in a fun and outlandish way? And, most do not want to be left questioning? Why didn’t we take a chance and tell the girl/guy how we feel?

My Best Friends Wedding

Here are a few examples of movies with unrealistic expectations:

  1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Don’t worry, WE women, know how to lose a guy lol 😆. This movie shows how much Kate Hudson’s character can get away, tormenting her love interest, yet he somehow still falls in love with her. This film’s ridiculous antics make us think it’s okay to treat someone poorly, and somehow still win their affections. The takeaway is no one wants to play games or have to be put through a bunch of tests? Just be yourself and if it is meant to be it will be. I suspect the yellow dress had something to do with his decision to stick around.

2. While You Were Sleeping This movie is all based on a lie. It portrays Sandra Bullock as a woman so sad, lonely, and desperate; she pretends to be the wife of a man stuck in a coma. If you were to try this in real life you would be arrested, and a restraining order promptly filed. The lesson here is. No matter what do not start any relationship on lies.

While You Were Sleeping

3. The Proposal In this movie, an overworked, underappreciated guy falls in love with his miserable, selfish woman -boss. Who could have guessed that all she needed was a little sex. In real life, any mix of work and play with your boss may end in an HR nightmare. So stay away from office romances unless you want lots of trouble to follow.

4. There’s Something About Mary – In this Romantic Comedy, it’s a great story of two high school friends reconnecting in a strange way, Stalking. Now I get it stalking is probably a bit easier these days with technology. Having a peek at your crush’s profile pic on socials and hiring a Private Investigator are two different things. It would seem pretty unrealistic to fall in love with you once they realized you hired a Private Investigator to check you out.

5. The Wedding Singer– This 80’s flick starring Drew Barrymore depicts a young fragile girl who is engaged to a serial cheater and major douche. So of course the most natural movie thing to do is, strike up a relationship while she is engaged ( already a big no-no). Worse is that the guy she falls in love with is confused that he is in love with her until the end of the movie. Cue up the typical airport scene at the end where the person decides they can’t live without the other. No need to run in reality, you’d never make it through the TSA line. The lesson is that maybe if you are engaged but still questioning the relationship, you should call off the engagement. Also, why wait until the person is about to get married to say how you feel.

6. Pretty Woman Someone thought a great story would be, A story of a wealthy man picking up a hooker to ease his loneliness only to fall head over heels in love with her. I mean I’d love to hear if this has ever happened in real life. I just can’t see that ever happening but, I could be wrong. This movie also has a savior and victim storyline. I think its high time we stop sending this message to people in particular women. The lesson here is don’t wait around for some knight and shining armor.

Pretty Woman via Giphy

7. The Notebook the main character Allie has to pick from what appears as almost perfect men. Both in their own right would make any woman swoon. The lesson here is don’t wait around for the perfect person you may be waiting for forever, Sometimes getting out and finding someone who can compliment you is a better choice.

The Notebook


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