Determining A Dating Style


Have You Determined Your Dating Style?

We all have a dating-style that is our own. Some people like to date multiple people at once, others prefer a more monogamous relationship. Others can’t get past a bad break-up delaying them from dating for months and even years. Some people don’t have a clue what their style is. This makes it hard when they encounter someone who has their own style. They sometimes take on the style of the person they are dating in order to appease them.

As we get older as women and men, the style that waits too long is definitely less effective and time becomes an issue. Most people looking to settle down and having trouble finding someone worthwhile usually can benefit from not taking too long a break. On the flip side, If you had a series of bad relationships, some time away from dating can be very healthy.



Whatever your dating style consider 3 things when you date?

  • Can you devote the time and effort it takes to the relationship? This seems obvious, but a lot of people who claim they want a relationship yet fail to put the effort into it. They make excuses, they don’t carve out time to connect. They put career before romance.
  •  Is the person you are trying to date comfortable with your style? Will they be upset if they find out, you are dating several women or men at a time?
  •  Does your style seem to make you happy? Or have you just assumed it was the right way/style because of advice, the social environment you were raised in?

Then–Ask yourself these questions?

  • Have I have a good experience overall with dating, or trying to date?
  • Have my breakups ended smoothly? Was their bad blood? If there wasn’t and you still have respect for the person, great job! You are ready to move on.
  • Am I still dwelling on my last break-up? Am I regretful about my past breakups? or worse, do I not know what happened and areas I need to improve on.

If you answered yes to any of these then you should stay subscribed to my site. Don’t try to attempt to change someone’s dating style. I tried all the styles and I can tell you with great certainty that dating multiple people at a time gets confusing and it’s not really great for someone really trying to connect on a deep level.  So, before you start asking,” are you single and would you like to date? ”  try some of the styles out to see what you are comfortable with.Then, make sure you can state this to the person you are trying to date so there are no surprises.



My site and my business of helping others connect with someone come from over 18 years of research, practice and simple common sense. Every week, I will continue to post more content that will help you narrow it down. And, I will take you on a path that will allow you to claim what you want when it comes to finding a great partner. This blog is not only for lovers but, people looking to find meaningful relationships and to understand people better. Kate studied Communications and Public Relations at CalState Dominguez College and lives in Phoenix with her husband and their beautiful son and daughters.

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