9 Ways to Be as Charming as Your Favorite Celebs

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Being Charming is Very Beneficial to Anyone, Not Just Celebs!

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People Like Jennifer Lawrence, Adam Sandler ( Whom I’ve Actually Had the Pleasure of Meeting ), and Paul Rudd are some of the most charming celebs and they use these skills to build relationships that are highly beneficial to their careers.

Smiling is one of the most effective ways to charm people. Wearing a smile is the best accessory one can have and it’s free!

Another step to be more charming is to look like you have had a little sunshine . People who are generally very pale or look like they have not had any sun tend to be off-putting and come off less charming. It’s probably the reason why women pay so much for tanning.

Charming People have humility-almost to the point of being self-deprecating. The way you can implement this is to be in the constant act of learning. Never be egotistical and feel entitled. Always be modest and in shock when good things come.

Another great way to be perceived as charming would be to listen. Hear what others have to say and follow up with “I understand or I feel you”. People like to know that you agree with them on some level, they like to know that you are fully engaged in the conversation with them. No one wants to feel like they are talking to themselves.

An easy tip to be more charming would be to pay a compliment to the person. Say something like; ” hey that’s a great color on you”. Noticing someone else’s characteristics or how they are dressed makes them feel more charmed by you.

Don’t wear the color Black. Black is a serious color, and it’s not a color that makes you more charming. A little-known fact about the color black; in the Hindu religion it is known to absorb other people’s energy. So if you want to wear black, wear only when trying to feel someone Else’s energy

A great way to also turn on that charm, is to flirt a bit. Flirting is essential. A simple touch of the hand. A kind gesture, a little banter and laughter can do wonders in a relationship.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives for the 90th Annual Academy Awards…

Actress Jennifer Lawrence arrives for the 90th Annual Academy Awards on March 4 in Hollywood, California. / AFP PHOTO / Kyle GRILLOT Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

Charming People are great story-tellers. They don’t loose your interest. They hook you in to what they are talking about. Get practicing with your family. Tell stories about your life and accomplishments by being colorful, while using a relaxed-confident tone

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Lastly, don’t be loud! Speak at a normal decibels level when you are speaking to others. If you are a woman having a more gentle voice instead of a masculine tone can make people more charming.


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