Here are some easy first date tips.

Your first date is your opportunity to make a good impression. This advice acts as a guide even if this is not your first time dating. We all need to brush up on our skills sometimes and recall what works.

1.First impressions are key. A wrinkled shirt or unkempt hair will be the first impression your date gets of you. Take some time to look presentable. It also signals you care about yourself enough to put yourself together and look nice for that special person.

2. Make the date someplace you are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than having the food and service be bad. You may be able to score a few points if a person knows you are warm and friendly and have places where people know and like you.

3. Be confident- don’t let negative self-talk get in your way. Even if your past relationships sucked. Tell yourself over and over ” I’m worth it!” And feel confident about yourself.

4. Let your date talk-asking questions make others feel that you sincerely care to know them. Some people are quieter and need many questions to open up. Have a few in your head so you won’t have an awkward silence.

5. Avoid talking about your EX-this should be obvious but, surprisingly men still do it. They make slight mentions about past relationships. And it’s very uncomfortable, especially on a first date! Those conversations should be in third or fourth date territory.

6. Put your phone on silent to avoid any distractions- ( no brainer ) unless you have children, make sure you inform your date ahead of time that you need to be alerted in emergencies and will keep the phone on.

7. Don’t order for them- after all, this is your first date, this isn’t the old days. It may be endearing when you become older and you’re significant other knows you well enough but, on a first date, it’s forbidden. It only makes you look controlling.oh…and weird.

8. Keep the conversation light and fun. Stay away from politics, religion, sex talk. Talk about hobbies, movies you like, sports, things in the neighborhood you’d like to try with them. Get to know them, likes and dislikes.


Hope these tips help-These are solid tips that are tried and true.


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